Wednesday, February 1, 2012


hey guys so i just wanted to share a bad experience i had at a Mc Donald's this morning. i dont know about you guys but i enjoy mc donalds coffee and oatmeal, i like them a lot!! usually people purchase the oatmeals prepared, but what i do is i usually buy 3-4 unprepared oatmeals, which is the oatmeal with no water added. the chopped apple and raisins are given on the side. the reason why i buy 3-4 unprepared oatmeals in one day is cuz i keep them at work, so every morning when i get to work, i get to prepare my oatmeal. which i just add the hot water, the chopped apples, and the raisins to the oatmeal, i mix it and there you have it i get to enjoy my oatmeal. oh no but not today! i went to this particular mc donalds, which i go there all the time. i place my order the next thing you know i get my order and the 3 oatmeals i order were prepared and everything. i told the cashier that i had order them not prepared, the manager comes she asks what the problem was and i told her and explain to her what i wanted she was like "oh ok" then outa no where a employee behind her said to her, we dont sell them like that. so then the manager tells me that. i told her that i had bought the oatmeals there like that in the past, you know what she told me "maybe it was a different mcdonalds, we dont do that here" wtf!!! how is she gonna tell me where have i bought my oatmeals from. at this point i was bright red and was pissed off. cus first of all a manager was taking orders from a regular employee, i mean a manager should know what to do right, but i guess not in this case and second of all she was insinuating i was lying. i asked for a refund which was granted. all i wanted were unprepared oatmeals, i mean i am paying for the product. which makes no sense to me why they didnt wanna sell them to me like that, man im hating it!

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