Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bath & Body Works NEW & Improved Shower Gel

Hey guys, so i wanted to share a couple of things about a product i recently discover. I'm talking about bath and body works shower gel in pink chiffon. i heard about bath and body works before but for some reason i never check them out, i don't know why, i just didn't. but omg this shower gel smells so yummy!! i like how it makes my skin feel, fresh, clean and smelling good. plus this shower gel claims its a new and improved formula, i wouldn't know the difference cuz this is the first time i trying out bath and body works shower gel but all i can say is that i really like it a lot. I'm definitely getting more after i run out, if you would like to know more about bath and body works check them out here. also this shower gel was complimentary to test through Influensters voxbox. if you don't know about Influenster or what it is then you should totally check them out here.

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