Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The balm cosmetics

Hey there guys, i just wanted to share some makeup products that i came across at Marshall's and Tj maxx. i went to Marshall's and i bought makeup from the brand the balm cosmetics. since i really didn't know much about the products i only bought a makeup palette name Balmbini. but the thing that grab my attention the most from the products is the packaging, i luv it!!!! after trying it out and wearing the makeup, omg.. i was so impress with the quality and the pigmentation that i went back to Marshall's to buy more of the products but they were pretty much gone already. two days later my boyfriend and i went to Tj maxx and oh boy... there they were, more of the balm cosmetics. i went crazy and i bought more of there makeup products. for some reason these products make me super happy and i just cant get enough of them. anyways the products i bought there were a blush set, a luminizer, a bronzer, and a palette that comes with sixteen shimmery eye shadows, two cream blushes and a lip gloss. so yeah i have a two part video where i swatch and talk more in detail about the products so make sure and check that out. thanks for watching =)

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