Sunday, September 11, 2011

Worst thing ever!!!!

hey there guys, i don't know how you guys feel about facial hair but me personally i had no problem with it until it was brought up to my it made me super self conscious about it that i felt like everyone was looking at my mustache. so i recently started trying out products that would help me with this problem. because i have sensitive skin i always tend to be careful with the stuff i use for my face. i tried a bleaching product that i bought from Sally's but the first two times i used it, it work well but after the third time it irritated my skin so i stopped using it. i then looked into waxing and i saw videos and it seem like the best thing that would work for it. well i bought the nad's facial hair removal strips. i tried it and it work well, it removed my mustache. my skin was red but that's a normal reaction from the process. well the next day... OMG!!! my upper lip was red and bumpy ( wtf happened!!!) it looked horrible. i didn't know what to do, i thought it was irritation so went ahead and started putting ointments that relieve skin irritation. the next two days after that the tiny bumps i had turn into white heads. my upper lip was a huge mess. i had to go to work looking like this, i was so embarrass by it. it just looked nasty, i felt worst than when i had a mustache. it just was bad and i felt disgusted by it. my upper lip has healed but now i have to deal with the dark spots..=( from my own experience, i DO NOT recommend this product at all. this is the worst thing ever. if you guys have any facial removal recommendations please let me know, i would really appreciated. have you guys had a bad experience with a beauty product??

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