Monday, February 18, 2013

When bad packaging happends to a good product

Hey guys, i know that its been a while since my last blog post but sometimes life gets in the way and i apologize for that. After the holidays i bought this holiday set from bare minerals called A vision in velvet. Which is a set of 20 eye shadows, 10 velvet matte and 10 velvet satin. The original price for this was $79, i got it on sale i think for $49. I paid a total of $53.53 including sales tax with free shipping. Its reasonable for the amount of product your getting in this set. Now one thing that bother me and threw me off from this set was the packaging. Its a long stick thingy, as you can see in the picture. In my opinion this packaging is not functional for storing, it just takes up too much space. I don't know if you guys encounter the same problem but what i ended up doing was i bought this bead container from Ross for $5 bucks, i think you can get them at craft store.

This is how it looks when placing the eye shadows in the bead container.

As you can see a bead container can be a good option for storing this eye shadows, i can easily place this on my vanity or store it with my eye shadow palettes. Overall the eye shadows are amazing, they're soft and blendable when applying. This kit comes with a nice amount of neutral shades. love neutrals! Also bare minerals is known for not adding harsh chemicals to there products which i find that excellent.

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