Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Benjabelle Brush Tree

Hello guys so today I wanted to talk about the brush trees that i bought from benjabelle. Last year during the holidays I bought the Original Brush Tree in the color black which i got it on sale for $24.99 usd. And I recently bought the Mini Brush Tree also in black which i got for $20 usd. The brush tree has silicon grips that holds your brush in place when drying your brushes, whether its your paint brushes or makeup brushes. So what you do is you insert brushes from below through the silicon grip, place brush tree in a ventilated area, once they're dry you pull brushes through the top, and there you go nice and simple.

Original Brush Tree

This brush tree holds 14 large brushes but honestly it can hold variety of sizes as you can see in the picture down below.

because of the large holes you can place 2-3 thin brushes in one hole.

Mini Brush Tree

This brush tree holds 24 thinner brushes like eye and lip makeup brushes.

I really think these brush trees are a awesome thing to have or to gift to someone. I like that its easy to assemble and easy to store when not using. Plus when drying your brushes vertically you protect your brushes from water getting into the handle which can ruin your brushes over time. Oh and did i mention you can also get the brush tree in the color white or pink.

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